Static Universal Testing Machines


Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines:
We can offer static Electromechanical Universal Testing machines with the following load ranges
  • 500 N to 2.5 kN single column C framed Universal Testing Machine.
  • 500 N to 20 kN special purpose, single column C framed Universal Testing Machine.
  • 2.5 to  kN to 5 kN, Dual column table top universal testing machines
  • 3 to 50 kN, Dual column stand alone Universal testing machines.
  • 100 kN to 1200 kN Dual column stand alone Universal testing machines.
Machine Construction:
The above machines are attached to a multi channel controller. The machine can be used in the stand alone mode by using the Controller. The movement of the cross head is achieved using a AC servo motor. 
The machines consist of a movable crosshead and a fixed cross head. The movement of the movable crosshead is aided by backlash free ball screws which help achieving high position accuracy and repeatability.
The load frames are ruggedly designed to offer high stiffness to endure the energy released during the sample breaking. 
The machines with higher capacities are designed with 4 column construction to efficiently absorb the high energies released during the sample breakage.
The above models can ideally be used to test rubber, plastics, foils, films, textiles, adhesives, paper, foods, foams, timber, wires or other metallic or non-metallic specimens and medical, electronics, metals, fastener, composites, wood, geo textile, cable, forging, adhesive and civil industries, R&D laboratories 
Servo Hydraulic Static Universal Testing Machines:
We offer servo hydraulic universal testing machines with the following load ranges:
  • Dual column or Four column Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing machines with capacity ranging from 5 kN to 3000 kN.
The Servo Hydraulic Universal testing machines are made using highly rigid dual or four column construction in order to provide very high frame stiffness. 
Due to the high frame stiffness, there is very little shock / noise or vibration when the sample breaks at vey high loads. All the energy is efficiently absorbed by the columns. 
The columns are chromium plated to withstand corrosion and ageing. 
The load is applied using a servo actuator. The actuators can either be mounted on the upper cross head with a fixed lower cross head or they can be attached on the lower cross head with a movable upper cross head. On piston rod end a anti-rotation system prevents the natural tendency of the actuator to rotate.
The high accuracy load cell is attached to the end of the actuator piston to provide precise load readings. 
All options as: extended test space or distance between columns, other actuator strokes, protection device for operator’s safety, additional low force transducers ate also available.
Perform tension, compression, bend and folding, shear and static cyclic testing is specifically suitable for testing of metals-(wire, rod, tube, strip, plate, strip), fasteners (tensile, proof, single and double shear), construction materials (reinforcement bar, wire, mesh, folding, compression of concrete) and other components.
Electromechanical Creep/Stress Relaxation Testing Machine: 
  • The machine capacity ranges from 20 kN to 500 kN.
  • This machine can be used to perform creep, relaxation or low cycle fatigue testing.
  • Special software packages for data acquisition of single or multiple machines with force, elongation, temperature and time registration with graph fulfil the requirements of modern testing laboratories can be provided.
  • These testing machines feature a special torsion and backlash-free pre-stressed central ball screw drive by a brush-less-free AC servomotor.
  • The machine also allows long term tests with only small deformations and is therefore mostly used to perform creep fatigue (constant applied load), relaxation (constant elongation) or LCF (low cycle fatigue) test under certain temperature conditions with high temperature furnace.
  • Compared with dead weight or spring loaded systems the Series LFMZ testing machines are fully programmable and offer closed loop force, deformation or crosshead control with testing speeds as low as 0.5 micron / hour.
  • These testing machines can be also used for tensile, compression or 3- / 4-point bending tests for example on ceramic specimens or with built in environmental chambers.
Static Testing Software:
This static application software has many advantages to offer in the field of materials testing. Control and evaluation has never been as user-friendly. The test Software offers you both, rapid and productive testing but also specialised applications for advanced testing requirements.
It provides machine control, data collection and automatic calculations. Real-Time graphic and digital displays so you can visualise your test on the screen while it is running. Selectable axis X/Y-axis: force, stress, crosshead stroke, (technical) strain, true stain, nominal strain, time elapsed etc. A variety of data acquisition options allow to accommodate virtually any type of test. It provides extensive capabilities for graphical and numeric analysis of test data. You can choose from a variety of standard calculations designed specifically for material testing. It provides the ability to edit your specimen data right on the screen. It provides you with enhanced data acquisition with maximum flexibility and storage. Possibility to create a variety of test methods and templates that will perform functions required for your specific needs or according to different standards 
Grips and Fixtures
The above machines can be supplied with Tension, Compression and 3 point bending attachments. Any other attachment that will be needed to suit your testing application can be manufactured and supplied. Additionally, the lower crosshead can be supplied with T slot tables for the higher capacity machines to efficiently test finished products. 
Mechanical Wedge grips, Hydraulic grips, Three point and four point bend test fixtures,   pneumatic grips, wire testing grips, grips for O rings, Films, fabrics, fasteners and other components can be supplied. 
We also supply tailor made grips and fixtures depending on the geometry of you component to be tested. 
The above machines can be supplied with extensometers for measuring elongation. 
We can supply a wide range of extensometers for checking the elongation of Rubber, metals, plastics, films wires etc. 
Manual as well as Automatic extensometers (Automatic clamping and release) are available. We can also supply diametric extensometers to perform proof tests. 
We supply clip on extensometers, Video extensometers, Laser extensometers etc.
The extensometers be supplied for elongation ranging from 2 mm to 900 mm.
We also supply extensometers which can be used in high temperature chambers in combination with the above machines. 
Temperature Chambers
We supply the above testing machines with a wide range of temperature chambers. 
  • Low temperature chambers
  • High temperature furnaces.
  • Etc.
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