Dynamic Testing Machines

Dynamic Testing Machines-Servo Electric:
We Offer Dynamic Servo Electric testing machines with the following load ranges:
  • 1k N to 2.5 kN double column, table top Dynamic Testing Machine. 
  • High Frequency.
  • Hydraulics eliminated.
  • Easy Maintenance.
Dynamic Testing Machines-Servo Hydraulic:
We offer Dynamic Universal Testing machines with the following load ranges:
  • 1k N to 2.5 kN double column, table top Dynamic Testing Machine. 
  • 1 to  kN to10 kN, Dual column dynamic testing machines.
  • 10 to 63 kN, Dual column dynamic testing machines.
  • 63 kN to 600 kN Dual column dynamic testing machines.
  • 600 kN to 3000 kN and higher, four column dynamic testing machines.
The machines come with an actuator which can be integrated on the upper cross head or the lower cross head.
High stiffness construction of load frame which are aligned to the highest precision. The columns are induction hardened and chromium plated.
Movable upper crosshead for facilitate quick, easy, and accurate positioning by two long-stroke actuators.
A passive clamping system and a T slot table in the lower cross head for clamping components. 
Double ended, equal area linear actuator with hydrostatic bearings for the best friction free static and dynamic performance, allows high side-loads and emergency running, integrated in machine’s base to shorten the force train. 
The LVDT displacement transducer is integrated to provide a high stroke accuracy and control.
Servo valve with manifold mounted direct on the actuator for the highest possible response and most accurate test control
Close coupled accumulators to minimize hydraulic pressure fluctuations and filter is mounted direct at the actuator
High precision fatigue rated flat load cell for static and fatigue tests fixed on upper or crosshead in machines where the actuator is located in the base or to the end of the piston rod in machines where the actuator is located on the upper cross head.
The hydraulic power pack can be
i. integrated in the machine base
ii. separate free standing power pack
iii. integrated in 19" control console
i. Fatigue Crack Growth Testing
ii. High Temperature Testing
iii. TMF - Thermo Mechanical Fatigue Testing
iv. Steel Testing
v. Asphalt Testing 
vi. Metals, high strength alloys, fasteners, ropes, rail and other components or structures including civil engineering testing.
Dynamic Testing Software:
This application software allows the simply programming of complex test sequences by structured Windows operation on a graphic user interface. With analog and status display as well as real-time graphics with zoom and freeze function for printer output at any time, including during the test. For up to four simultaneous loops (optional). It includes individually modifiable data acquisition with extensive and convenient evaluation options. 
It is very user friendly even for inexperienced users. Modifications of the test sequences required by you can be transferred thus fast, whereby the old test configurations can be called at any time again. By the non-standard adjustable data storage you use only as much fixed disk capacity as necessary and by the universal format of the data can you your reports with the program favoured by you create. By the optional possibility of the simultaneous regulation of up to four measuring and automatic control loops you are shifted into the position to check a sample or a work piece e.g. to axial maximum stress during simultaneous subjection to torsion.
Grips and Fixtures
The above machines can be supplied with Tension, Compression and 3 point bending attachments. Any other attachment that will be needed to suit your testing application can be manufactured and supplied. Additionally, the lower crosshead can be supplied with T slot tables for the higher capacity machines to efficiently test finished products. 
Mechanical Wedge grips, Three point and four point bend test fixtures,  Hydraulic grips, pneumatic grips, wire testing grips, grips for O rings, Films, fabrics, fasteners and other components can be supplied. 
We can also supply tailor made grips and fixtures depending on the geometry of you component to be tested. 
The above machines can be supplied with extensometers/COD gauges for measuring elongation and crack growth. 
Temperature Chambers/Furnaces:
We supply the above testing machines with a wide range of temperature chambers ranging from
minus (-) 196 degree celcius to 1200 degree celcius. 


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