Rock Testing Machine
Rock Testing Machine

We offer high capacity rock compression testing machines.

This is a specialized testing system for brittle materials such concrete or rock which requires high stiffness load frames for higher testing accuracy.

Compression Testing Machines for Analysis of Rock Mechanics

  • It is essential to minimize the released energy from the frame to the specimen in order to detect the first partial crack in the specimen.
  • This partial crack needs to be detected with high sensitivity by detecting the change in load or displacement in order to suitably release the load or to continue the test to show the decaying load carrying capacity of the specimen.
  • The machine is ideal for performing unconfined compression on concrete or rock samples, triaxial, bending, indirect tension, fracture, creep, and other compression tests.
  • Machine capacities range from:
  • 2000 kN
  • 3000 kN
  • 5000 kN
  • 10000 kN


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