Low Temperature Testers
Low Temperature Testing Machines

1. Temperature Retraction Testing Machines:

  • The TR-tester, is used for the determination of low temperature characteristics by the temperature retraction procedure according to ISO 2921.
  • The TR-tester is computerized and performs the test automatically after the cooling media has been cooled and the sample has been mounted. An automatic release of the samples, after the pre cooling period, is included.
  • The computer controls the temperature rise and measures the length change of the samples. The result is displayed as TR10, TR30, TR50 and TR70.
  • The result can also be presented as a table with length change versus temperature. The TR-values and the table values can be exported to other software as spread- sheets, for presentation as diagrams.
  • We also supply the machine with Liquid Nitrogen automatic cooling facility.

2. Gehman Testing Machines:

  • The Gehman-tester is used for determination of the relative stiffness characteristics of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubbers, also called the Gehman procedure. The test is done according to ISO 1432, ASTM D1053 method A, or technical equivalent standards.
  • The Gehman-tester has 6 test stations which are computerized and performs the test automatically.
  • The computer controls both the temperature rise and measures the torsion angle of the samples. The results are displayed in a graph and RM 2, RM 5, RM 10 and RM 100 values are calculated. The result can also be presented as a table.

3. Brittleness Testing Machines:

  • The Brittleness tester confirms to ISO 812 test method. This method determines the lowest temperature at which rubber materials do not exhibit brittle failure when impacted under specified conditions.
  • The sample is pre cooled and the temperature is controlled by the software. The sample is then impacted with a known energy by setting weights of known mass fall from a known height.
  • Energy lost is measured after the impact.


4. Low Temperature Compression Set:

  • By using the compression rig in combination with a deep-freezer with a special lid the test can be performed without touching the test piece.
  • All adjustments of height and releasing the compression are made outside the freezer thus improving the accuracy of the test results.
  • The rig has a digital gauge (0,001 mm), the piston is made of titanium and the test weight is simply mounted on to the titanium piston.
  • The sample can remain in the test rig for the whole test period and during the recovery time. The system is a complete system with rigs, a special adapted deep-freezer and logging soft.


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