Creep and Relaxation Testers
Creep and Relaxation Testing Machines

1. Stress Relaxation Testing Machines :

  • The Relaxation equipment for continous measurement in both compression and tension meets the requirements in ISO 3384 and ISO 6914. It can be supplied with the Draught Hood, to eliminate variations in force measurement due to temperature and air effects.
  • The relaxation rigs are used in combination with the cell oven EB 01 or EB 07 when testing at elevated temperatures. The cell oven EB 01 can accommodate four rigs at one temperature. In the cell oven EB 07, three rigs can be placed at three different temperatures.
  • Tests can be performed in tension and compression
  • We can also supply special fixture for performing the relaxation tests in liquid medium.
  • Optional user friendly relaxation software is also available.

2. Creep Testing Machines:

  • We can offer automatic creep testing machine performing creep tests according to ISO 16770 and ISO 899 in both liquid and air medium.
  • The load applied on the sample is done using load cells and a servo motor instead of conventional dead weights which eliminates handling problems.
  • We can offer clip on extensometers to measure the creep. This can also be done using the motor encoder.
  • Results are presented in graphical or table formats as absolute creep or creep index. In order to study the actual sample failure the data logging rate is increased just before break occurs.
  • Machine can be equipped with a data logging software also.

3. Fully Automatic Creep and Relaxation Testing Machines:

  • We can supply fully automatic Creep and Stress relaxation testing machines model EB 18.
  • With Creep and relaxation tester, EB 18, automatic creep and stress relaxation tests can be done.
  • The instrument is based on the triple temperature oven EB 07.
  • The test rigs are based on the relaxation rig, EB 02 and the lowering and raising of the rigs are motor driven to give the best accuracy possible.


4. Compression and Discontinuous Relaxation Testing Machines:

  • The instrument is a specialised compression tester controlled by a PC.
  • The software permits several types of tests to be performed, such as:

- Discontinuous stress relaxation tests according to ISO 3384 method B.

- Standard compression tests to measure modulus, such as in ISO 7743,

- Customer specified tests on products like O-rings and profiles.

  • The results can be expressed in different ways:

- For stress relaxation as absolute force, relative force, F/F0, against time

- For compression tests as MPa, N, and N/m length.

- For O-rings the result is expressed as N/mm average circumference.

  • The very accurate compression results are obtained due to the high accuracy in the displacement measurement, which includes a compensation for deformation in the load cell and in the instrument.
  • If equipped with the optional oven, test can be performed from -40 °C to 200 °C. This means that relaxation tests according to ISO 3384 method A can be performed when using the oven. The precision of tests made according to Method B is also improved at 23 °C, if the oven is used.
  • A container for testing in liquids is also available.


5. Hot Set Testing Machines:

  • This machine is used for testing of cable material according to IEC 811-2-1
  • The samples are mounted on to the sample holder and the weights are hung on to the sample.
  • The test rig is then moved into the oven heating area using a servo motor. This ensures that there is no heat loss when
  • Laser pointers measure the elongation to give you very accurate test results.
  • The oven has a controlled air exchange rate and low air speed which can be controlled by a flow meter, meeting the requirements for ageing ovens in IEC 811.


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