Impact Testing Machines

Pendulum Impact Testing Machines: Model PH

We can offer pendulum impact testing machines of the following energy ranges:
  • PH 25 to 50 joules.
  • PH 150 to 450 joules.
The machines are designed for Charpy and IZOD impact tests as per EN 10045-2, ASTM E23, ISO 148 and ISO 83.
  • Versatile unit with easy changeable energy range with 150 or 300 Joule hammer or add-on weights for 450 Joule
  • Safety lock to hold the pendulum in its raised position
  • Vibration free release of pendulum
  • Easy sample mounting by pliers or by automatic sample centering
  • Electric break that stops the pendulum on its highest position on the return swing for most productive testing
  • Motorized pendulum return to the latched starting position
  • 4-digit digital display for direct absorbed energy reading
  • Step-less adjustable energy/velocity allows Charpy, Izod or Impact Tensile Tests to be performed from 20%-100% of energy ange and impact velocity from 2.6 m/s to 5.5 m/s
  • Save two-hand or automatic pendulum release when the door is closed for low temperature tests (<5 sec)
  • Easy exchangeable strikers (EN or ASTM) and anvils
  • Low friction bearings for maximum accuracy
  • Interface to PC to run w+b Impact Software for custom configuring, calculation, statistical evaluation, reporting and exporting of tests and results
  • Extendable with instrumentation package with strain gauged striker, optional deformation measurement, ultra-high speed data acquisition system and data analysis software. The laser opto-electronic-measuring-system for deflection (bending) and crack opening measurement for the experimental determination of the intensity of stress, KID/KIC-factor can also be attached.

We can also supply:

  • Broaching machines.
  • Cooling chambers.
  • Sample preconditioning chamers.
In all, we can supply you an impact testing machine that is user friendly, accurate, easy to maintain and of rugged construction which ensures long life.
Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine
  • Drop Weight Impact Testers
  • Laboratory grade instrumentation and very rigid construction for highest accuracy test results.
  • Guided mass system to ensure that the impact geometry is correct throughout the test.
  • Highly accurate and repeatable drop parameters.
  • Very robust construction stands up to the rigours of dynamic testing to provide high reliability with a minimum of downtime.
  • Easily interchangeable contact parts simplify maintenance and reduce cost of ownership.
    Very high levels of safety employing multiple redundant systems, compliant with 89/392/EEC and 91/368/EEC machinery safety directives.
    High quality, easy to use control and analysis software ensures consistency and enhances throughput.
    Simple service requirements of single phase mains electricity and compressed air reduce installation costs.
    Multiple impact facility for fatigue testing.
    Wide range of strikers, anvils, fixtures and jigs available for standard test geometries, and for custom testing.
    Optional sample strippers for extracting striker from tough ductile specimens.
    Optional second impact prevention system for non-penetrating tests.
    Optional high velocity impact option for impact velocities up to 20m/s.
    Optional dynamic displacement measurement system for direct measurement of the sample deformation.
    Optional high speed, fully integrated video system to provide visualization of specimen failure mode.
    Optional temperature conditioning chamber, -70°C to +150°C.
    Responsive life-time technical support.


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